Monday, May 24, 2010

My Daddy

The blog post below was from another person's blog.

We share the same daddy.

---------------- From Dominique Neo's Blog -----------------------------------

My Daddy: "He is someone whom I have a Love-Hate relationship with!

He is one whom I fear due to his authority figuire as a daddy. No nonsense talk and senseless behavior.

He is one whom I find sense of security whenever I face any fear/problem. No fear when daddy's around. 

Now that I am married, being a mother of my little rascal. I seems to be in a better position to understand his role as a daddy when we're young. Understands his sacrifices for us and appreciates all his effort to provide us a good life while he slog like a dog.

Daddy, I feel that it's still a Love-Hate relationship. I Love you and Hate to see you suffer!

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