Friday, August 21, 2009

Quid Pro Quo

We live in a world whereby nothing comes free..

Yesterday on TV, I learned a new word

Quid Pro Quo..

It means to give something in order to have something.
Mutual exchange of favours.

If something comes free, then we will incur this thing known as emotional debt.
Emotional debts in my own words means you owe someone a favour that is yet to defined and you will not know when or how to balance the equilibrium between 2 persons.

And if you have emotional debts, more than likely, you'd be compelled to return the debt as fast as possible and that results in committing to more than what you'd asked for (for free) in the first place.

Today is 21th Aug 2009
Time now is 16:38 hrs

To those whom have always been on the receiving end, be aware of the "debt" that you are incurring. One day, you'd be called upon to return the debt...

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