Monday, August 17, 2009

A highly educated taxi driver in Singapore

A taxi driver.
A Stanford PhD doctorate.
A Principal Investor of a major firm in Singapore.
An ardent blogger.

These above characters are not 3 different persons. It is all the same person.
A laid off principal investor from a major firm in Singapore, whom has a Stanford PhD doctorate to his name, now drives a taxi and blogs about it proudly in his daily log of interesting trips.

Respect for the doctor whom is man enough to take on a job that is totally not related to his academic and professional experience. From his blog posts, I can sense contentment within and it seems that with each successful trip, he feels fulfilled regardly if the passenger thank him or not.

A good read to see how one derives joy from work, regardless blue, white or no collar.

Today is 17th Aug 2009
Time now is 09:59 hrs

I only hope he is not driving and blogging at the same time!

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