Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the Season to Share

A man's wealth is not measured by how much he or she owns but measured by how much he can give.

This holiday season, let it be the time for us to give.
It is always a greater joy to give than to receive and someone once said..
Happiness shared is Happiness doubled.

I beseech anyone whom reads this post of mine to give joy to another person.
That might not need tobe the gift of material comfort. Perhaps someone in need of your time. Your children or your parents or grandparents.

If you wish to give for greater satisfaction, you could also share a little bit of your wealth to charity.

If we came with nothing and will be leaving with nothing, then the least we can do is to give some hope and joy to those whom have nothing at all...
The above link is for those whom are willing to share and yet have little time to spare.

Today we are in a position to share, but there come a day when we may be in a situation of need.

On behalf of everyone receiving hope and joy, I thank you for reading.
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Today is 23rd December 2008.
Time now is 15:15hrs.

2 more days to Christmas.

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