Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pause and Mourn a great passing

A great man borned 23rd Oct 1960.
In Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Pursued academic interests,
Not known to many except those whom he taught as a Professor.
Married with 3 young children,
Cancer struck.

During his treatment,
He wrote a book "The Last Lecture" where he gave advice to all,
Citing examples from his life as reference.
And taught all how to "Really Achieve the Childhood Dream".

His legacy will outlive the generations to come.
He passed on, battling pancreatic cancer for close to a year.
I dedicate this post to him.

I bought 2 copies of his book,
Because I misplaced one on the plane.
I hope the finder will benefit from his teachings and continue to pass on his legacy.

Death comes to us all.
But each and everyone's legacy lives on.

A book about life without religious context.
About living on, even in the last moments.

Thank you , Randolf Pausch.

Today is 12 August 2008
Time is 10:23 am

Randy passed on 25th July 2008.

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