Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Of Women, Hysteria and Vibrators


A mental condition that creates excessive uncontrollable emotions that are thought to be only happening on women. Hysteria is derived from the greek word of Uterus (Hystera).

The Clinical Solution to Hysteria

The actual medical solution (discovered since the 19th century) that had helped many women suffering from Hysteria was actually the Vibrator! (WTF??)

The lack of sexual gratification caused the uterus to be light and dry due to lack of fluids and this was found to be one of the major causes of Hysteria. Before the solution was invented, womenfolk actually went to a physician to have their genitals massaged by male physicians! ( Female physicians were quite rare back then ). The vibrator was created eventually because the male physician hands were too tired! (WTF??).

That physician massaging skills must have been so good that women kept referring friends and by the time his reputation grew far and wide, I doubt, those whom came for his massage, if they are even diagnosed with Hysteria at all in the first place. ( If you know what I mean ).

For more reading, visit Wikipedia's entry on Hysteria and Vibrators.
Or if you prefer to watch a movie on the history of how the Vibrator came about and the physicians involved, you may wanna read up on this movie, Hysteria , a 2011 film.

Was the AA or AAA battery then invented to create portability for the Vibrators?

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