Sunday, June 05, 2011

3 Questions that will determine your life

Life is short, full of unexpected surprises both good & bad and we never know what "life" will throw at us. The only thing to do is to live on and face anything that comes along.

A wise aunt once told me, coffins are meant for dead people, not old people.
In short, she meant that being young doesn't mean that you have a long life ahead of you.

So what to make of our lives? Knowing for certain that it is faced with uncertainties.

If you have faith in a higher supreme being, there'd be teachings and books to guide you.
However, having a faith means having to pledge allegiance to its customs and practices. In today's context, the modern man may not succumb to history that cannot be proven scientifically.

Thus for my own sake, I try to come with a code and live by it. To make it easier to comprehend and plausible, I simplify it to just 3 lines of code.

1) How much do I want to own ?
2) How hard do I want to work for it ?
3) With whom I want to share both 1) and 2) with?

Though the 3 lines doesn't take into consideration for basic kindness and piety and selflessness, I believe we live in a society now that already frowns upon those whom does not comply with the above.

There may be occasions where in order to achieve the code, ruthlessness and inconsideration may be applied. Some call it "good business", some may choose ethics over profits. To prevent such ambiguity, ,my 3 lines of code may just help myself sleep better at night, knowing whatever path chosen, it complies with my code.

I believe, effort produces results. The gain might be a varying factor due to chance and luck but the fact that "effort produces results" will hold true as steel.

In the uncertainties of life, I now have a certainty over mine.

This is FarBird
5th June 2011

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