Friday, July 02, 2010

Vengeance, Karma and Enlightenment on a Friday morning

I started out the day happy, driving the nanny to my place and bringing my wife to work.

Much was accomplished the day before ( Thursday), that was what probably gave me a happy start on Friday morning. But it was short-lived....

Just as I was coming out from the drop-off zone at my wife's office, there was a P-plate driver driving a loud Toyota Vios. He was too impatient to wait behind me and honked his horn as I was coming out slow after the drop-off zone. He tried to edge his car between the 2 lanes that was already occupied. and almost caused me to crash onto his side while I was coming out from the drop-off bend, joining the main road.

I was outraged by this SJU**Z car driver, first thought that came to my mind was to torch his car next time I saw it. Second thought was to fill up his exhaust pipe with silicon wall filler. 

And right there at that moment, I had a sudden epiphany...

That guy was me! I was him!

I recall driving recklessly and being impatient with other slow drivers not long after I got used to my first car. I used to drive fast and hard after learning the car's capabilities and I got vexed easily by drivers whom prioritize safety over speed. I was using my horn excessively and its usage is often uncalled for.

It's funny sometimes we need to see someone else behaving like a monster without seeing ourselves in the same light when we are enraged.

To that young driver with less than 1 year of driving experience, I forgive you for trying to screw up my happy weekend.... Because you did not succeed. I also believe that if you keep up with your driving style, there is only one place you will end up.

Drive safe.


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