Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For God's Sake! I can't translate the 3 simple words preceding this sentence to Bahasa Melayu!

My first article on the usage of the word "Allah" in Malaysia was first published in March 2009..

Recently, their decision to allow the word "Allah" to describe the spiritual almighty for other religions, besides Islam, has been overturned again such that, other religion cannot use the word "Allah" to describe their religion's "Almighty" in the Malay Language.

Their indecisiveness only reminds me of rota prata or in the case on Malaysia, they call it roti canai..

The thing with cooking roti prata or roti canai is that, you got to keep flipping it to prevent it getting burnt from the hotplate that the dough is spread on. So that is Malaysia politics, keep satisfying one party and when the other party gets too hot, flip to change side fast enough so that neither side gets burnt.

Do that fast enough with ample repetitions, and you will get good roti prata/canai. But can this management of public expectations work to their political success or will it spell the end of an era...

Hopefully, the politicians won't have to end up flipping roti pratas/roti canais, though I know for sure that they'd excel at doing that..

Here is a good blog article (The Sybarite's Rave) on the same subject from a Singapore's young muslim's perspective.

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