Monday, January 18, 2010

Too much PC games for 5 year old Isabel

My daughter or "dotter" (I prefer dotter) is 5 years old and likes to play PC games.

My wife and I have an old laptop for her just to let her play some PC games. And recently, I introduced the game "Plants vs Zombies" to her..

Initially, I thought the game would be too complicated for a 5 year old toddler but she amazed us by showing us that she can understand the game and how to play in order to win...

I was quite hooked to this game a couple of months back... A simple strategy game that needed fast clicking mouse fingers...

On passing our corridor plants, my wife told me that our dotter told her after seeing a dying plant that, it was eaten by Zombies... [due to influence from the game]

That comment made my day.

For those whom have yet to be addicted to the game yet, a trial play mode is available at POPCAP.

To buy it is only S$19.95.

Did the Zombies eat your plants too?

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