Friday, June 26, 2009

The Science of Penguin's Colour

Penguins are classified as "aquatic, flightless birds" in the fauna kingdom.
Though many cartoons and movies are made recently about penguins, there are some questions which are never answered.

Recently it came to light why the penguins have white colored chest and belly and dark black flippers [aka wings], back and face.

And the answer given was plausible and logical.

About 7 hours ago, on my birthday party celebrated at home, my wife asked her 8 year old niece to ask me why the penguin's belly and chest is white and black everywhere else.

I honestly didn't know ,even though I used to be a Discovery Channel addict.
I believe most whom are posed this question will not know, unless you are a penguin expert.

Scroll down for the logical answer..


It's because the penguin's short flippers only allow him to clean himself at those areas and not long enough to clean his back..

Today is 26th June 2009
Time now is 02:29 hrs

Happy Belated Birthday to myself.
As a younger kid, most friends whom cannot pronouced "Franklin" properly found it easier to address me as "Penguin" instead.

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