Monday, April 20, 2009

How I got my wife and 3 other women pregnant!

I recommended them to the procedure known as Ovarian Drilling.

What were you thinking of?

Anyway, Ovarian Drilling is a process done during laparoscopy.
So what is Laparoscopy?

A very fine surgical needle is directed to the ovaries via video assistance and make punctures on the ovaries about 4 - 10 times.

Some videos of the ovarian drilling process here.
[Warning : not for the faint hearted or those with weak stomach ]

More on why this is necessary....

If you know any couples, whom have been trying hard for a baby without any success, and they had tried clomid/clomifene for some time, do refer this blog post to them via this short link.

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Today is 20th April 2009
Time now is 02:32 hrs

My boy will be due in about 57 days.

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