Saturday, March 21, 2009

Better Sex?

Can better sex be achieved with modern technology?

Apparently some believe that normal sex is passé, and tries to improve it with absolutely stunning results. Though sex toys are usually harmless, this home-made one is the type that should have a large label that says "Do Not Try This At Home!"

DIY Sex Machine Injury

This woman whose partner attached a kind of sex toy, most likely a dildo, on an electric saw. And somehow the saw cut through the toy and into the woman.

Needless to say, bloody scene.

A few points to ponder.

How could they in their sane minds, come out with this contraption?
Considering this is not something that takes less than 30 seconds to build and install.
Before they turned into animals in heat, there should be at least some sane moments for them to turn around to each other and say," That's not quite a good idea.."

Is the guy "inadequate" to such extent that he require mechanical assistance to get him or her going?

It'd take 2 imbeciles for accidents to happen. Honestly speaking, the chances of that happening is so little that when 2 imbeciles meet and collaborate, their collaboration will usually be newsbreaking.

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