Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finally it's mine.. after 4 years of waiting

Today, I finally got my own domain name.. based on the nickname I had given myself more than 16 years ago..


It was the game "Wing Commander" that needed a Callsign on top of the name I have keyed in for myself... without giving much thought, I decided to give myself the Callsign of "FarBird".

And the nickname stuck with me since then..

Ever since I got my first credit card about 4 years ago, I'd been wanting to register a .com address based on my nickname. But sadly, it was owned by someone else, somewhere in the world..

Fortunately, I was doing the routine domain name checks and realised it was free again!

Today, I proudly re-declare to the world again.......

....i am farbird....

Google me. I am now almost everywhere.

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