Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My conspiracy theory movie

2 high value central intelligence targets are spotted in Asia.
A team of 7 Bourne operatives sent after them.
2 highly trained operatives boarded the same carrier as them, using pseudo travel documents.
5 of the other operatives continued their land support roles to organize and activate Plan B if necessary.

Knowing the destination to have 72 hours "No visa required" transit regulations, they must take action before it lands so as to prevent the targets from changing identity again and boarding another plane and shaking the trace off forever.

A H-Hour was designated, before takeoff, to ensure the targets are taken out before landing.

Remaining 5 operative received no news from the 2 Bournes onboard, 30mins after H-hour, activated Plan B.
Called for support from "conveniently" nearby battle frigate to initiate clean up operations.
Radio jamming, debris clean up, etc all done within 2-3 hours of the night.
All that was left was slick from the cleanup at dawn

No black box, no debris, mission accomplished.
Collateral damage unbeknownst to everyone else.

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