Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Movie Review: Underworld Awakening

Honestly, the one and only reason why I wanted to watch this show was because Kate Beckinsale looked absolutely fantastic in latex for all the previous installment of the Underworld series.

Of course, the plot, since the first Underworld movie was good enough, for shameless guys like me to go watch the sequels (and more latex on Kate).

About 15 mins into the show, I somehow realised that something was wrong with the plot. The face of the male lead (Michael Corvin) seems somehow weird and does not resembles the same actor (Scott Speedman). Then I realised that he must have not renewed his contract for this installment of Underworld.

The rest of the plot seems to have been designed around Michael Corvin/Scott Speedman's absence. I feel that the movie, with the absence of one of the primary cast, was completed for the sake of completing it and tries to squeeze whatever last ounces of commercial value it has left from its previous installments.

Besides the sad plot workaround, Kate Beckinsale seems to have aged and her scenes in latex have also been reduced. I recall this particular scene where she puts on a jacket for no obvious reason.

In the entire movie, there was a "single" moment of comedy. And that was for me the only value of the $8.50 spent for the weekday ticket.

Sad to say, watching this movie only made me want to watch the previous installments of Underworld.
So I can see Kate in her younger looking self donning taut latex.

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