Thursday, October 06, 2011

10th Wedding Anniversary

Today is 6th October 2011..

In a blink of an eye, in the midst of working, having kids and making a living,
today marks the 10th year of partnership continuity between me and my missus.

Time flies when we look back at the years that whizzed by..

We had our good times and we had our bad times.

10 years ago, I asked for your hand because I was afraid I'd lose you if I didn't.
10 years later, I am glad that I did pick up the gem that turned out to be a real diamond.

On our good days, let's make it a point to remember them..
On the bad days, the memories of the good days will keep us going strong again..

Let me quote a poem I wrote on my website dedicated to you more than 10 years ago:

Seasonal Torrents...

Great speeds they come,
Much often without warning.

Tides of unimaginable proportions,
Tidal Waves.

Some Perish , Some Hurt..

The next morning,
Healing begins.

i love u
Whatever happens in the future, I am not sure...
But I know memories of the happier days will get us through any dark ones ahead!


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