Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Tough Description for a 5 Year Old

Recently a young niece of mine was eating satay.

She was holding a stick of satay while she was asking me to join the rest of my family on the dinner table to savour the satay together.

Out of pure cheekiness, I asked her what meat the satay was made of.
She replied quickly ,"Chicken lor".

So I asked her how she knew it was chicken and not lamb or any other meat.
It took her quite a while to answer.

Her answer was ," Because I know it's chicken"...
To which I asked her another question, "How did you know its chicken?".

After that, she ignored me.

Reviewing my question to her, a simple "how" question that is very difficult even for myself to answer.

The question of taste, smell, texture and reproducing it in your own words.
So does chicken taste the same to everyone?

Would my description befits the way how others describe how the chicken meat taste like?

This question was once brought up in the movie "Matrix" when one of the characters in the movie asked if the taste of chicken was just electrical signals sent, from the tongue, teeth and mouth, to the brain. In a way true in some sense that all our sensations are merely small electrical currents sent to the brain.

But the real question is ...
Are these sensations standard to everyone?

ie, if chicken taste and texture means an output of 1ms of sine wave current of 25KHz to my brain from my senses, will it be the same as of another person?

Food for thought..

Today is 4th Jan 2007.
I love diversity for it is diversity that makes me different from anyone else.

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