Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Concept of Life and Heaven

Read a post on Facebook from Victor Khoo's wall asking what is Heaven....

My personal belief is that Heaven is a concept created by the ancients with foresight..

Knowing that in their time, it was impossible to change people beyond their own selfish attitudes. So they left behind scriptures and called for followers whom were willing to keep these scriptures so that they can transcend generations to a time when Utopia can be achieved.

For Utopia to be achieved, people must be selfless and kind and do not need any policing in order for them to comply with the general rule of doing good and being kind. If there is a Heaven, it will be here on Earth if Utopia can be achieved.

On this same day, a discussion amongst colleagues raised the question about life and death and how one can prevent or delay death by living more healthily.

I offered my 2 cents on the subject and off the top of my head, I blabbered that Death is not random in the natural world. If the subject is unable to cope in the environment he or she is thrown in, they will have to evolve or be extinct.

Eg. A man live to his 40s living life healthily without indulging in any vices only to realise he has terminal lung cancer.

Eg. A woman lives to her 90s, heavily smoking her entire adult life, and is still alive today.

Some call it genes.. I prefer to call it merely Natural Selection.
The fittest survive....

The weaker of the species will have to die in order to prevent pollution to the gene pool.

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