Thursday, March 17, 2011

Testing Google Hot Trends

Google, being the most popular search engine, has tons of statistics of users.

This real time statistics are put to good use with Google's "Hot Trends"

What Hot Trends does is that it'd display live hot "keyword" searches updated almost every hour.

I am using Google Reader to view this Hot Trends keywords and it updates with a new post (consisting of multiple hot keywords) almost every 40-50 minutes.

I'd yet to harness on how to make use of this statistic but here's a little experiment.
By using the most popular keyword searches on 2.54PM(SG TIME), 17th March 2011, I shall create a fictional paragraph with these keywords and add them as labels/tags as well.

The keywords list

  1. corned beef and cabbage recipe
  2. recursion
  3. shamrock
  4. st.patrick s day
  5. steve martin
  6. tibetan mastiff
  7. grant hill
  8. st. patrick s day activities
  9. survivor redemption island cast
  10. comedy central roast
  11. top chef all stars
  12. richard simmons
  13. dwyane wade

Steve Martin could be seen on St. Patrick's Day in Grant Hill. He may be looking for a pair of mirrors to create a recursion effect. Richard Simmons may also join him but his purpose at Grant Hill may be to look for a corned beef and cabbage recipe. This may be because he will be casted as a celebrity chef in Top Chef All Stars on the network. At this moment, it may not be confirmed if he will be bringing along his tibetan mastiff. The dog is commonly seen along with Survivor Redemption Island Cast and fashions a dog collar laced up multiple shamrocks. Richard Simmons may also involved in Comedy Central Roast of the famous Dwyane Wade

Let's see if this can bring in more traffic!

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