Monday, April 23, 2012

The Conspiracy Theory A

This is pure fiction but all fictions are but unrealized truths.

1) High profile official went seeking for prostitutes online ( for sake of privacy ).

2) Online brothel operator requests for cellphone contact to arrange for booking and/or collect deposit
( via online bank transfers without having to meet).

3) Hooker arranged to meet the client.

4) Hooker recognizes the client and informs brothel operator actual identity of client.

5) Brothel operator starts tracking/logging high level contacts, for one day, these contacts will become useful.

6) Greed or downfall pushes brothel operator to start blackmailing high level clients.

7) High level client, sick of constantly extorted and in fear of exposure, decides to exert his power to eliminate brothel operator legally.

8) Police sweeps both operator and clients, leaving high level client un-named.

9) Public media shames operator and clients.

10) No one questions why the media and authorities blow up big news of a mediocre pimp and a willing underaged teen whore.

So what's the story about?

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